February 12, 2013

The Intimidator

My new spank tool +_+

December 2, 2012

Sexy Girlie Men

I have been getting a lot of request for assistance in becoming and exposing the Girlie Man that lays deep inside most all men. I've always known that there were a lot of men who secretly would like to be the bottom and fucked like a slutty girl. In fact, I think that if you have never entertained the idea, it's because of your own surpression and fears/phobias. So today's post is to let you all know that I can do my best to assist you in your mission to experience how the other half lives BUT, not everyone is going to turn out as sexy as this little girl did. I'm thinking about checking into enterring Little Ashley into a Rue Paul's Drag Race.

Here's a photo of Little Ashley, she's a natural!

Here a photo and a link that was given to Me by another Mistress who share the same passion. If I do this right, you can click on the photo to be directed to the site where I borrowed it from.

The ever increasing amount of Bearded Drag Queens is coming alive and revealing that it's OK to remain a man while dressing as a lady. I think it's Hot!

November 9, 2012

Sub on a hot black cross

Last weekend I got the opportunity to be with a submissive who offered to build Me a cross. Isn't she adorable all spread out like this?

I know... My usual standard is to spank the ass red when a submissive is wearing red. This little slut cried 'Red Light' before hur little ass even turned pink : (  That's highly disappointing to a Mistress who enjoys Corporal Punishment. I'm not sure why the little slut was so scared to take a 'beating'. I don't think she was able to stay focussed. Something tells Me that she was so concerned with hur own 'clit' that each little swat made the blood pump to head of of hur 'clit' and made hur mind crazy with desire.

She is a beginner so now that I broke hur in, I'll be thinking of a new project. Hopefully it won't envolve 'finding a stud' or will it? That little 'clit' was fun to tease if I do say so Myself!

October 16, 2012

Patiently Waiting

I have a new friend who is building Me this cross. I am so excited and I am trying really hard to be patient while it's a work in progress. The best thing about it... I get to utilize it on the one who built it!

I just know that he is going to enjoy all the pleasure mixed with pain that I have in store for all his wonderful efforts. Thank you for contacting Me and letting Me know that I could use your skills for My skills ; )

July 24, 2012

Sissy Bois I

I've been having a great time with the Sissy Bois!
It's so much fun to watch them transform.
A man walks in and out walks a pretty little slut ; )

She then gets humiliated and forced to withstand My punishments!

For all her effort, I even let her have desert : )

April 16, 2012

More Teasing Pics

Since I got such great reviews with the purple strap-on, I bought a teal green one and a nightie to match ; )

My wish list is changing..I'm open to ideas.. Thanks for viewing and for all your assistance.